Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pre-Order with special price for Your Baby Record Books

Hye Mommies and to be mommies.!! And Happy New Year!!

Ingat lagi dengan entry " All About My 1st year" books to remember ?

yup ! this books..
Ramai yang email bertanyakan tentang buku ni?
Tapi dah SOLD OUT.. at the moment...

But... dont worries mommies..
AGS have a great deal offer to ALL MOMMIES.
Im proud to say that we have to reprint the books again... yeahh!! clap2.
means is AVAILABLE NOW...!! but by MID JANUARY 2012...

I would like to say that we're open to PRE-ORDER and PRE-PAY for those who want to buy this books.

This deal is a PROMOTION OFFER start from 01 JANUARY until 10 JANUARY 2012.

You can PRE-ORDER and PRE-PAY at RM42.50 for each book.
After 10 JANUARY 2012 the price is back to Normal (RM49.90)

So, hurry up..!!
Please submit your order as details below to

Name :
Contact no :
Address to post :
Quantity :

Email to :

come on mommies!! this is New Year Offer... grab it now for your lovely Son and Daughter...

more info about this books, please click this entry..

thank you...

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Anonymous said...

Hai...nk tnye..da ada stock ke blum buku nie? Sy da buat payment for pre order pd 4hb jan...invoice no. BRB0014. Tq...